Hey There!
Thank you for looking at and taking the time to read this umm half Tutorial half not a tutorial :-).

First things first, When I was making these signs I was never expecting to write a tutorial about them and how to make them. I was just rolling along making them to try selling at the markets (I only ever made it to one market day, Sold a Grand total of 1 sign :-(. Then just struggled to find time to go back but I think there was enough interest that people would buy them, And Hey I made my $$$ back from one sale!)
So as I wasn't expecting to make this tutorial I don't have much progress photos or anything help like that so I'm just going to have explain as we go.
Just using stuff I had around the shed these were cheap as to make!

What You need for these:
  • - An old Pallet (Prefer the flat ones as the job is pretty much already done)
  • - A few short nails
  • - A colour laser Printer (or black and white if you don't want colour images)
  • - Varnish and Paint Brush
  • - Sander or Sandpaper
  • - Wood Glue (PVA or something)

Step 1 - First things first, I sourced some pallets (The warehouse next door to work puts piles of these out each other week) that were perfect for these signs

Flat Pallets - Great for project like these signs or bar tops

Step 2 - This is where I have a lack of images to explain much, So sit back enjoy all the beautiful text.

So cut the pallet up so you have three different lengths of pallet, Roughly all around 450mm each. You can be perfect here or "close enough" to really get a different feel from both sizes. I went with the "close enough" as gave a more DIY old school feel to the image.

I found it easier to go through and give all the pieces a good sanding now with the sander to make sure you get a nice smooth feel that you aren't scared to run your fingers across.

Step 3 - I used a couple pieces of wood left over from the pallet as a brace for the sign. Cut these to about 50mm shorter than the width of the 3 pieces joined together, which will form the sign and smash them together with nails or screwd. As many as you want and this is a good way to let out some anger you may have built up from breaking down the pallet. See the below image for a more visual idea of what I mean

Easy Pallet sign Boards - The brace made using left over wood

Step 4 - So now you should have a Blank sign, You might want to go over the whole thing with the sander again to get rid of any really rough edges, or not it is really up to you. Once you have done this apply two coats of varnish to the whole thing, Letting the varnish dry between each coat, drying can take around 24 hours. I normally done a coat one night left it to dry and came back the following night to do another coat.

The varnish I use is the cheapest brand I could find at Bunnings :) I think it was about $15 from memory

Easy Pallet sign Boards - The varnish




Step 5 - So while your letting the varnish dry you can jump on to your computer and find those images you want to put onto your sign. I actually used a couple of my own photographs for my signs, and a couple images I found in google. It really is up to you what you want to put on there. Have a look through some of my images below for ideas.

Once you have your image, Print out onto an A4 size paper (or what every size suits the sizing of the sign you have created) *NOTE I always put a coat of varnish over the image after it is on the sign and this gives the whole thing a yellow ting to the image and makes it look a bit older

Step 6 - Once the varnish is dry and you have your images Grab out the PVA glue and spread it out evenly over the whole image and smack that baby onto the sign (somewhere around the center preferred) Let this dry so it sticks down nicely to the sign.

Step 7 - So now you should have an image on the sign stuck down, I go through and do a 3rd and final coat of varnish over the whole thing. To me it gives the feeling the sign is and old  style, And it makes it look more than just an image stuck on wood.

Step 8 *Optional - To Finish things off I add a wire hook to the back of the sign to allow the it to be hung up on the wall etc.