DIY Pallet hot tub ideas
the winter is coming here in Melbourne and we are starting to feel the cold, So what better idea is there to have than a Pallet Hot tub??

I have hunted through the internet for some good ideas on DIY hot tubs. I have tried to find some that come with decent instructions on how to build.
Plus we all love to built something from pallets don't we?


First off is this idea from on instructables...This is only for the pool part of the "hot" tub. A bit of adapting, and pretty sure you'll be able to turn idea into a heated hot tub. Use some ideas from the other options, fire with the pipes filtering through to the tub
Made from an a few pallets and an old
1000L water container

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Some other great ideas to consider



Or There is this one found on tinygogo Blog. Good old fashion DIY outdoor wood fire used to heat the hot tub. Be sure to check out his blog for more ideas

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